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1031 Exchange Planning

We specialize in 1031 Exchanges and 1031 Alternatives in order to create and preserve wealth, increase current income while deferring taxes.

We have the pleasure of assisting investors like you to grow their real estate holding through multiple trades throughout the years. We also assist them in determining when it’s time to cash out of real estate.

1031 Exchange is a specific niche and as such requires specialists. Proper execution is critical. There is only one chance to execute the transaction properly. It’s vitally important to choose the right team immediately and proceed on a very proactive basis.

The team of specialists should include a 1031 Exchange Realtor, a qualified intermediary (QI),an accounting firm, an attorney specializing in 1031 transactions, an advisor for structuring, and other consultants as needed (lender, appraisers, environmental, etc.). It is critical that this group operate as a team, since each participant has an important contribution and is a necessary participant.

Our mission is to help you with every phase of your 1031 Exchange. We begin the Planning Phase with a 1031 Exchange Benefits Analysis to determine if exchanging is right for you or not. We will work with you to develop a strategic investment plan with clear goals and achievement timelines.

If it is determined that exchanging is in your best interest, we will represent you and market your property for sale at its highest market value. Once the plan is in place, we will help you identify investments offering you the benefits that you are seeking. We will be with you every step of the way.

If an exchange is not right for you, our 1031 Exchange Team is prepared to offer you viable advanced planning alternatives that will have minimal effect on your estate and taxation upon sale.

Regardless of which strategy you choose – buy, sell or hold – the 1031 Exchange Team will help you examine and implement the solution that best fits your given needs and parameters.

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