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1031 Exchange Buyer Representation

Identifying the replacement property begins with a preliminary screening of available properties, followed by more extensive due diligence based on your interests and property suitability.

The 1031 Exchange Team will act on your behalf to do the following summary steps.

Counsel with you, your CPA and real estate attorney

  • Review your investment portfolio
  • Determine your purchasing capacity

Openly solicit desired property through strategic partners and other resources:

  • Notify other commercial/investment brokers with strong performance reputations
  • The best broker sources available on the internet
  • Periodically notify you of progress or lack thereof
  • Request back-up operating information for potentially acceptable properties
  • Report to you concerning potentially acceptable properties

Present your offer to the seller’s broker and the seller

  • Obtain the requested performance information
  • Conduct the due diligence inspections
  • Pursue the necessary financing to generate optimum property performance

Conduct negotiations if unexpected defects are discovered

  • Clear contingencies and waive conditions

Supervise the closing process

Set up the property management plan

Periodically review property operating performance

Conduct a periodic property analysis with you

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