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1031 Exchange Seller Representation

1031 Exchange Team will act on your behalf to do the following summary steps:

Pre-Marketing Planning Phrase

  1. Analyze the historic performance of your property to identify probable future performance
  2. Evaluate steps to be taken prior to marketing
    • Optimize and normalize rents
    • Pre-marketing property inspection
    • Identify property defects
    • Identify the pre-marketing plan
  3. Identify the optimum asking price
  4. Execute the representation agreement
  5. Identify current loan issues such as prepayment penalties, yield maintenance costs and loan assumption procedures if available.
  6. Identify the desire to defer capital gains tax by implementing a tax deferred exchange

Execute The Marketing Plan

    1. Create online and offline Marketing Package
    2. Offer the property for sale to known probable buyers
    3. Determine potential financing

Execute The Transaction Phrase

    1. Take and present offers
    2. Prepare a counter offer to clarify obscure points and eliminate unacceptable issues (price, terms, conditions, and procedures of the proposed transaction)
    3. Open escrow with a highly competent escrow and title company
    4. Work with the buyer’s broker to remove contingencies
    5. Supervise the closing process

Execute The Replacement Property Phase

    1. Pre-screen potentially acceptable properties
    2. Confirm availability with property owners and their listing brokers
    3. Prepare Offer and negotiate acceptance
    4. Perform Due Diligence
    5. Negotiate the new financing package
    6. Oversee closing


    1. Assure no loose ends
    2. Review Monthly Operating Statements to ensure that Replacement Properties are performing as projected
    3. Quarterly client review sessions.

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